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 When Nicole Gets Amnesia.

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Nicole Hudson
Nicole Hudson

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When Nicole Gets Amnesia. Empty
PostSubject: When Nicole Gets Amnesia.   When Nicole Gets Amnesia. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 3:59 pm



Graverobber: *takes out his little roach* ^.^

Nicole: BAH. *Jumps a bit and stares at it*

Graverobber: Ugh, chill out.

Nicole: Uhh... Does he... Have a name?

Graverobber: Yes, Terrance ^.^

Nicole: D'awww, now that is cute name for... A roach...

Graverobber:... Want to hold him? He won't hurt you.

Nicole: O.O Um...


Nicole: he won't do anything... But crawl.... Right?

Grverobber: No, he won't. *Smirks*

Nicole: Um... >.> *Thinks: I need to say no... Because I am now terrified by them... But... I... I guess it will kinda stop my fear? And... I trust Graverobber...* O-........O-okay....? *SERIOUSLY then regrets what she said*

Graverobber: *puts him in her hand, expecting her to flip.*

Nicole: *Does a pretified squee and clenches up... Thinks: stay clam Nicole... You... Can do-OH GOD IT FEELS SO WEIRRRRDDD >.< Closes eyes and mumbles* omgomgomgomfgomg... Ican'tbelieveIamdoingthis...... >.<

Graverobber: He won't hurt you, chill. *smiles*

Nicole: But... he is so HUGE and... o.o OMGheiscrawlingupmyarm. *heart is racing a mile a minute, her body is still cenched, she opens her eyes to see the monster crawling up her*

Graverobber: Here... I'll get him. *picks the roach up off of Nicole* I'm surprised you didn't die. *Smirk*

Nicole: *Loosens up and facepalms* OMG Ican'tbelieveIdidthatanddidn'tdie. *notices that she is shaking ever so slightly... because... she gets like that when she is scared*

Graverobber: Ugh... You okay? *is so going to sing to her to make up for it.*

Nicole: Uh... I... Think so... o.>

Graverobber: Okay..

Nicole: Atleastyoudidn'tputhimonmyface...Then I would have died.

Graverobber: I'm proud of you, puppet. and I would NEVER do thatt... >.>

Nicole: Heh... *proud face* I am glad I was a good grasshopper, Master... *Little bow* and... >.> Why do I hear lies in your voice?

Graverobber: ....because I so would put one on your face >.>

Nicole: O.O >.> *Pokes his neck, because she knows that he HATES it for SOME reason and then smirks*

Graverobber: O.O *spaz* Donteverdothat.

Nicole: Then don't ever put on on my face. *smiles*

Graverobber: >.> Well, I'm still proud of you.*hugs*

Nicole: Mmmm *melts because of the warm and lovely hug*

Nicole: I am glad 'someone' is proud of me...

Graverobber: *smiles and starts slow dancing with Nicole and sings*
''When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love...''

Nicole: O.O *Looks up and smiles a dorky, lovedaze smile* Yousneak. C:
Graverobber: *smirks*
''When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love...

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But i would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong...''

Nicole: *Squees and buries head in chest, and softly sings with him, tears forming in her eyes slowly*

Graverobber: *wipes away her tears, because he is indeed a hobo. (WTF?) and then continues singing,*
''I'd go hungry, i'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
No there's nothing that i wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on the rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
Though winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet...''

Nicole: *slow dances with him with a huge smile across her face... oh yeah... This is GOOD. * Mmmm, youjuslovethetorturing C: AndIdotoo...

Graverobber: Yes, I do. *Smirks then sings*

''I could make you happy make your dreams come true
Nothing that i wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love ...
To make you feel my love...''

Nicole: *sucks lips and hugs him tightly, now crying... FOR A GOOD REASON.*

Graverobber: *hugs her back and smiles*

Nicole: This all feels MAGICAL. *V*

Graverobber: Hehe... I'm good.(:

Nicole: Yes, you SO are... *Wipes eyes with hand, and sees black on her hands...* >.> Hmm, now I look like a racoon... (:

Graverobber: I like racoons. *Smiles*

Nicole: *Looks up and smiles*

Graverobber: You okay? *Doesn't want her to faint*

Nicole: Oh, yes! I am fine! *shakes head and ignores the little beat of the drum in her head, she then tries to wipe the stupid smudged mascara off, but... no luck* Just... ugh, so... Mmmm

Graverobber: ...Go the the bathroom and wipe that off, if you want.
Nicole: Oh, um... Okay, I will be RIGHT back! *starts to run to the bathroom*
Nicole: *While running, she steps in a puddle on the floor and slips and falls hard, hitting her head... Making her slowly black out...*

Graverobber and Skylar: Fuck! *runs over to Nicole*

Graverobber: *picks her up and puts her on the bed* Nathan! What do I do?!

Nathan: Uh-...! I guess you could just... Let her rest! Then I can give her some medicine when she wakes up...
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nicole: *After a half hour of resting, she finally manages to wake up, she opens her eyes slowly and rubs her face with a moan*

Graverobber: Nicole! *Runs over to her* Are you okay?!

Nicole: O.O *Stares at Graverobber, then looks around, then back at the dirty looking man.* W-where... Where am I? Who are you? *Is VERY confused*

Graverobber: O.O I'm...I'm Graverobber... And you're in a closed resturant in Sanitarium Island...

Nicole: O.O ... How did I get here?! And why does my head hurt? *rubs head*
Graverobber: Well, you were here with me and Skylar *Skylar randomly wave in the background*... And then you were running to the bathroom to clean your mascara and you fell.

Nicole: *still just wide-eyed and looks at Skylar* Who is Skylar? And... ?!
Skylar: O.O I....I am your friend. Me and you have like EVERYTHING in common! *runs over to her* Remember? We're 'Infernal' twins!

Nicole: Um... I don't think we have ever met... And infernal twins? I-... What?! I...amveryconfused... *rubs head*

Skylar: But we did meet! And Infernal... it's our joke. The first day I met you, you said we were "infernal twins" but you meant fraturnal.. And...And we both love WCMI! And Repo...

Nicole: *Bites tip of finger in confusion* I-... WCMI? Repo? And I don't remember saying any of that to you... I don't even know where I am or what is happening! *Getting a little scared*

Skylarose: Um... Hm... Do you know your name?

Nicole: Um, of course I do, It's... *thinks* Uh...Um... My name is... Hm, i can't seem to remember it... whatisit? Whatisit?! *confused and scared*

Skylar: Nicole, your name is Nicole... Nicole Love H******! (:

Nicole: Nicole Love H******? Hm, I like the middle name... >.> *sees Nathan* Who is he?

Skylar: Oh! THAT is Nathan Wallace! (:
Nicole: *Just stares at all of them, you can notice that she is scared... She looks like a deer in headlights*

Skylar: Aww! I wanna hug her but that will scare her more! >.<

Graverobber:.... She doesn't remmember me... ):

Nicole: *looks at Skylar, then at Graverobber and then asks again* Have we met? Because... I don't believe we have... ? o.o

Skylar: Well, we have but.. I'm Skylarose Lanigan! I love Alice in Wonderland, Repo!, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Emilie Autumn and Batman. And shouting random things. Like MOONSHOES POTTER!

Graverobber: I'm Graverobber. I breed roaches, sell drugs, and... is a hobo.
Nicole: O.O um... Nice to meet you Skylarose!

Nicole: And... O.O *looks at Graverobber and scootches away from him a bit*
Graverobber: *sadface is sad*

Skylar: Oooh! I' get everyone else to introduce them selfs! *calls the rest of the crew.*
Nicole: Why... Why can't I remember what happened the night before?... And, there is more?

Skylar: 'Cause you hit your head, silly! I... I think you have amnesia... And yes, lots more!

Nicole: What...? o.o *Suddenly sees a man wearing a womans face and freaks the hell out*

Pavi: Hello Bella! I-a am Pavi Largo! 8D I like-a the bella's faces.

Nicole: O.O *Backs away...* Um...

Luigi: *holding knife* I'm Luigi-f**king-Largo. I hate it when my shirt is dirty, and I WILL own GeneCo. And I love coffee. And hate peasants!

Nicole: *Gets REALLY scared and backs away to the wall* O.O

Skylar: >.> Way to go Lui. Scare the poor girl... Ugh, Nathan, you go next.
Nathan: I'm Dr. Nathan Wallace. I am also an organ Repo man. I have a 17 year old daughter, Shilo.

Nicole: *Thinks: Oh, he seems... Nicer... Not AS sick as the Largos...* Nice to meet you Dr. Wallace! *little bow*

Nathan: *smiles at her*

Amber: *whorish as always* I am Amber Sweet! Proud Z-addict.

Nicole: What... Is Z? And um... Nice to meet you.... ?

Skylar: ....Zydrate...It comes in a little glass vial!

Nicole: A little glass vial?

Skylar: A litte glass vial! And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a--... I'll explain it fully later.

Nicole: Um... o-okay...

Shilo: Um... I'm Shilo Wallace. I have a blood disease, and I'm not allowed out.

Nicole: Oh, you must be Dr. Wallace daughter! Nice to meet you! And... If you can't get out... Then why are you out?

Shilo: 'Cus this is an emergency!

Nicole: It is?

Shilo: Mhm! We have to help you get your memory back (:

Nicole: *being utterly confused scared her to friggin DEATH.* Oh... Well... Okay... "_"

Mag: Hello, dear.I am Blind Mag. I'm the spokes person for GeneCo and an Opera Singer *Smiles*

Nicole: Oh, hello! *smiles and nods. Thinks: well she seems like a nice person! Ilikeheralready* Wait... You are famous?

Mag: Well, yes I am.

Nicole: *smiles* Whoa, that has to be amazing! To be famous and all!

Mag: Ehh... It has its pros and cons...

Rott: *trying to NOT seem like a total douche, even though he so clearly is* I am Rotti Largo. I own GeneCo.

Nicole: What... Is... GeneCo?

Skylarose: Well, there were a whole bunch of organ failures, so Rotti made GeneCo. GeneCo lends out organs for payments...and if you don't pay he sends a Repo Man to take the organ back....

Nicole: And... The Repo Man... KILLS THEM? Wait... *Looks at Nathan* O.O

Nathan: >.> Not. My choice. *glares at Rotti*

Nicole: *Blinks rapidly and is just so confused, her head hurts*

Skylar: Yeah... Don't worry, I'll show you their movie later. ^_^ ... So, you remember like ANYTHING? Whatsoever?

Nicole: Um... *trys to thinks* Well... I know about the people you made me meet just right now... just... That *rubs her head* Everything from the night before is just... Black.... >.<


Nicole: O.O *Stares at the panicing girl named Skylar*

Skylar: Um... hehe... >.> *stops flipping out. or tries to*

Nicole: I am Mr. Robbers fangirl?

Skylar: Yes you are. Biggest fangirl. Ever. He sings to you. And dances with you. and makes you pass out cus he's that hot.

Nicole: O.O *looks at him, because he is indeed a hobo and loves roaches and is a drugdealer.*

Nicole: He makes me swoon? *Points at him*
Skylar: Yes he does. And he is a hobo.

Graverobber: *smirks at Nicole*

Nicole: I... Heard... *Just looks, and does a weak smile, *

Graverobber: *Thinks about what he should do..... contemplates serenading...*
Nicole: *Is really just totally terrified about all of this, and grips the sheets of the bed*

Skylar: We aren't going to hurt you! I promise. (:

Nicole: *looks at Luigi... Who is seeing his reflection in his knife*

Skylar: Hehe.... *whispers to Luigi* put that thing away D:<

Luigi: *looks at Nicole, and then rolls his eyes and puts it in his pocket*
Nicole: *And then looks at Pavi* And... Him?

Skylar: Oh um...Just....Just ignore him. >.>

Nicole: >.> O-okay... *Looks at Graverobber, and cocks her head...HeISkindacute...but.. he is a hobo and... A drug dealer....*

Graverobber: *looks back at Nicole, reading her mind.*

Nicole: *Eyes grow wide when he turns his head and he sees her staring. She looks down and blushes*

Graverobber: *Thinks: Damn, I am good. A girl with amnesia is loving me already.*

Nicole: *read his mind* >.>

Graverobber: Yes? *smirk*

Nicole: *heart goes flipflop* Uh... Nothing... >.>

*silence is awkward.*

Nicole: Um... So... How did I hit my head again?

Graverobber: I was singing to you, you got so happy you cried, so you were running tothe bathroom to wash off your smudged up mascara. And you slipped.

Nicole: o.o >.> you were singing to me?

Graverobber: Yep. I was slow dancing with you too.

Nicole: >.> *heart flip-flop again and then thinks: And why must I get... Amnesia or whatever this is called?! I wanna remember that... I want to remember alot of things...*

Nicole: *start to slowly and quietly tear up, because she wants to remember...*
Graverobber: *sees her tear up, and knows he has to do somethinnn* Um... It was kinda like this.... *gets up and starts epic slowdancing with Nicole*

Nicole : *gasps and doesn't know what to do, so just tries to let Graverobber to be the lead*

Graverobber: *starts singing*
Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
'Cause I've seen the dark side too

Nicole: *is nervous and wide eyed, her heart beating like a drum roll, and is also flipping*

Nicole: You... Have a great voice... >.> *thinks: shut up, he is a homeless guy! How can you fall in love with a homeless drug dealer?*

Graverobber: *smiles* I know... *continuess*
When the night falls on you
You don't know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Nicole: *Can't help but squee a little and just make a huge smile. Then thinks: Why does this feel so magical? So... Like a Disney movie?! Wait... what is a Disney movie again? Name one Nicole... I am not really sure what...*

Graverobber: So, if you're mad, get mad,
Don't hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
But I'm a lot like you

When you're standing at the crossroads
Don't know which path to choose
Let me come along
'Cause even if you're wrong

Nicole: *Smiles and blushes, and can't help but bury her head in his chest... It is so warm.* o.o *Remembers for a split second and has a memory of Graverobber singing something to her... With his shirt off?... Then the memory goes black*

Graverobber: *smiles down at her*
I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
Take me in into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you

And when, when the night falls on you baby
You're feeling all alone
You won't be on your own

Nicole: *Looks up and smiles, her heart goes flip-flop,flip-flop like a fish*

Graverobber: I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
Take me in into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Nicole:*can't help but to MELT in his arms, and give out a sigh* S-so... That is what... It was like? *looks up again* Before I had this... Amnesia thing?

Graverobber: Yeah, pretty much. *smiles* You remember anything now?

Nicole: Um... A... tad...Want me to... try to explain it? *thinks hard*

Graverobber: Yea, try it.

Nicole: Uh... W-well... *closes eyes and tries to* You are singing to me... Somes song... I don't know what though... All I know is that the line you are singing is... ''But the suns been kind, while i wrote this song...'' And then you are... Shirtless?

Nicole: o.o weird memory to remember kinda...

Graverobber: Hm... Well, that did happen.

Nicole: It.. Did?

Graverobber: Yep. I was singing "Your Song" to you. (:

Nicole: You Song? *thinks... Then eyes snaps open*

Graverobber: You remember?

Nicole: *Feels weird now...* Uh... I-I-I um... Remember... The song... I think I remember the song... >.>

Graverobber: Hm... You don't remember anything else?

Nicole: *Thinks with her eyes closed* Um... I remember... Remember what you did to Marni...? What? What is that And... Nathan... Nathan... He is bloody... In... Sometype of suit... Doing... something... *blanks out* And that is all I remember... at least I think... *rubs head*

Graverobber: *chuckles* That was... um... him.. repo-ing...a guy.

Nicole: O.O *looks at Nathan and then feels REALLY weird, like... Kinda wooshy...* I... Can't remember anything else after that though... *closes eyes and rubs head, trying to think*

*Everyone is like staring at her*

Nicole: Pavi... You... Uh... Are... *tries to think while looking at the man with the womans face* Being stabbed... By Luigi! O.O *shakes head at that short memory, now staring at Luigi, scared* And... Pretty Bella...? >.>

Pavi: Si C: I call you Pretty Bella <3

Luigi: And I stab him. Alot. >)

Nicole: *weak smiles at Pavi then looks at Luigi in horror*

Skylar: Nice going Luigi. Scare her. -__- Bad WeeGee! Bad!

Nicole: *Sits on the bed, because she is now dizzy for some reason...*
Graverobber: *Woried* You okay?

Nicole: Um... I think so... I... I Just want to remember more! *brings knees to chest and buries her head in them, starting to tear up*

Graverobber: *Sits down next to her on the bed and hugs her* ):

Nicole: *excepts embrace* I just want to remember more, so i'm not so scared... So I can feel normal again... Just... ugh. *crys in Graverobbers shoulder*

Graverobber: ): Don't worry, we'll get your memory back somehow.

Nicole: But HOW? I can't remember anything but those three small things!

Graverobber: Hm... I don't know, but I WILL find a way.

Nathan: I don't know Graverobber... This might be permament amnesia...

Nicole: What?! This is permament?! O.O *Starts to freakout*

Luigi: Yes!

Graverobber: No!

Nathan: Maybe!

Nicole: But what if it is permament?! o.o

Graverobber: *sad face is sad* I don't know...

Graverobber: Hmm... *walks to Luigi* How about... You try to kinda scare her with your knife? It might make her remember... *puts hand on shoulder* But DON'T hurt her. *glares*

Luigi: Sure... *starts chasing her like RIGHT AWAY*

Nicole: Why are you running towards me? OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE A KNIFE. *runs*


Luigi: *is way too happy about this,.*

Nicole: *Trips...*

Nicole: *Is scared and watched as Luigi pretty much TACKLES to her with the knife...* O.O

Graverobber: DON'T. HURT HER.

Luigi: *doesn't really hear and gets hold of Nicoles shoulders*

Nicole:: *SCARED NICOLE IS SCARED... So she start to tear up and squirm*
Skylar: Weegee! Stop it! *watchs with popcorn in lap*

Nicole: *With her squirming, She accidentlys cuts herself in the arm with his knife* AH!

Skylar: *watches with popcorn in lap*

Nicole: *Is scared out of her wits* OH MY GOD, STOP IT! *Tries to push him away*

Gravverobber: *runs over* shit... Luigi STOP.

Luigi: *doesn't pay attention*

Nicole: *Covers face with arms and just wants Luigi to stop his random erge to KILL HER* Please stop! >.<

Graverobber: LUIGI. STOP RIGHT NOW. >( *thinks: this was a bad idea*

Luigi: *Looks uo with a glare* WHY? >(

Graverobber: YOU ARE SCARING HER. ><

Luigi: That is what you said to do to her! >(

Graverobber: But you HURT her. >.<

Nicole: *Is just laying there, scared for her life. XD*

Luigi: *EVIL glare, and stays on top of Nicole*

Graverobber: >( *atepmts pushing Luigi off.*

Luigi: *Gets pushed and falls on the floor. He glares at Graverobber HARD*

Graverobber: I said not to hurt her, and you cut her. so STOP.

Luigi: *Stands up* She did it, she was squirming too much! It was her fault! >( *One last glare at Graverobber, and then walks away*

[Nicole: *sits up slowly, tears in her eyes and shaking... SHEISSCARED.*

Graverobber: *helps her get up and brings her to nathan who fixes her cut*

Nicole: W-w-why... Why did h-he just do that...?!

Graverobber: Because...Because he is an ass...

Nicole: *is just plain scared as Nathan takes care of the cut*

Nathan: Relax, i'm not going to hurt you.

Nicole: I-I know... Luigi... I don't l-like him... AT ALL. >.< *is still shaking with fear*

Nathan: No one does, really.

Nicole: *Clenches up when Nathan pours acohal in the cut* AHthathurts. >.<

Nathan: Sorry. It's going to sting a bit.

Nicole: With... With Pavi do anything like that? With the face snatching or whatever he does to the... GENterns? *looks at him looking at himself in the mirror...*

Nathan: Pavi's pretty harmless.... Well, unless you are a GENtern.

Nicole: *Loosens up a bit* T-thank you Graverobber for stopping Luigi... If I was alone I don't know what I would do... >.<

Graverobber: No problem...

Nicole: But... I heard that you said, ''I told you to scare her, not hurt her...'' w-why?

Graverobber: Um...Well...I thought if he chased he did A LOT of tmes might remember something...

Nicole: Well... I... *closes eyes and thinks*

Nicole: *Eyes then snap open... Like they do usually when she remembers. XD* I think... I do...

Nicole: Luigi... Is on top of me... And is holding me down with the knife in his mouth... And then I threw something blue on him... He freaked out and ripped open his shirt... And... That is it...

Graverobber: Well, that happened before. least it;s something (:

Nicole: Yeah... Just a memory of Luigi scaring me...?

Graverobber: Yep...he does that alot.

Nicole: >.< And no one does anything about it?!


Nicole: What is that stare for?

Graverobber: BEcause...I don't do anything....iusuallywatch.

Nicole: Why are you dragging me to a TV? *just got dragged by Skylar*

Skylar: Just shush. I'm showing you Repo....for the second time!

Nicole: Oh... Um... Okay. This shall be fun

Nicole: *For the whole hour, she is just WIDE-EYED and watching it with PURE DELIGHT XDDD*

*The Repo! Gang comes in at Let The Monster Rise and sees that she is watching it*

Nathan:....ImustcomeinonthepartIgethitonthehead... Withashovelnonoftheless...Bymydaughter....

*all of them are watching for Nicole's reaction to it XDD*

Nicole: *Sits there just in a awesome daze and then when Shilos verse from Let The Monster Rise comes on. She starts to mouth it... But she doesn't notice*

Skylar O: *sees shes mouthing the words* remember the words!?

Nicole: *notices* O.O *Smiles and starts singing them, getting happier by the second* I guess so!

Skylar: *smiles* You would remember Repo.

Nicole: Wait... *thinks* This... This was... The first song I heard from Repo .... Right? *rubs head*

Skylarose: ....Yes! It was! (:

Nicole: *HAPPEH*


Nicole: *Goes wide-eyed and looks at Nathan* Shutitoff! I... I-... I remember how it ends...

Nathan:....You do?!

Nicole: *Nods franticly*

*everyone (except luigi, cus he is a total asshat) is happeh, cus you are remembering stuff! :D*

Graverobber: *smiles* So my little puppet remembers the words...
Nicole: Puppet? *doesn't remember that though* And yes! I know the words, I remember Repo! now!

Graverobber: Heh...My nickname for you. (:


Nicole: Oh. *smiles* I like it!

Graverobber: (:

Graverobber: Hmm...So my little fangirl is comming back... slowly.
Nicole: ...Graverobber, I don't really say that I am your ''little fangirl''... I mean, there was only one dance and... song *I totally liked it, but... Yeah.*

Graverobber: *partail sadface. Because skylar no-longer loves him as much as she used to, and Nicole dosn't remember him toomuch. D:*


Nicole: O.O ??

Graverobber and Nathan: *SADFACES*

Luigi: *GLARES*

Skylar: .....heis >.>

Graverobber: *his is more sad, cuz now he has NO ONE. D: *

Skylarose: And Nicole,I yell Poodles cus of Nostalgia Critic.

Nicole: Who?

Skylar: .....*shows her one of his bum reviews* >.>

Nicole: Oh... Wow... o.o

Nicole: Hm... *hugs Graverobber and hopes to make the guy happier*

Graverobber: *smiles slightly and hugs back*

Nicole: I guess you can call me your ''little fangirl'' if it makes you happy!

Graverobber: No...But i am still calling you puppet.

Nicole: Why not? And okay. *smiles* I like Puppet

Graverobber: I don;t know... *Smiles* I like puppet too.

Nicole: Um... *breaks embrace*

Graverobber: Yeah....


Nicole: Hm... Where is my family? Do I even have one?

Skylar: ....*facepalms* Yes you have a family... Andyourbrotherisreallyyyyyhot.

Nicole: >.> He is?

Skylar: Yes. OMG! Let's go on facebook, so you can see your family nao!
Nicole: Facebook? Um... Okay...

Skylar Wait....HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO LOG IN? I doubt you'd know your password/email.

Nicole: ...No... I don't... >.<

Skylar: ...well crap.

Nicole: But... don't you know my page? Since... we are supossily infernal twins?

Skylar: Yes i do! *logs on and goes onto Nicole's page* And we ARE infernal twins

Nicole: I really wish I knew about these things *face=hands*

Skylarose: I do too... I miss you yelling OMG INFERNALLL when we do something the same or just know exactly what the other is thinking...*sadsighissad*

Skylar: Moo....*shows Nicole her family :D*

Skylar: ....*randomly YELLS at the top of her lungs: AND THEN SHE BLEW THE GUY....*


Skylar: ...iwashopingyou'drememberthat...T-T

Nicole: Hm *cocks head* So that is my family?

Skylar: Yes. And your brother is hot. >.>

Nicole: *Looks at picture of Dominic... raises eyebrow* Meh

Skylar: .....>.> *mumbles:incestbabies.*

Nicole: O.O What did you say?!

Skylar: ...nothing >.>

Nicole: No. Say it again
Skylar: Fine....*yells* INCEST. BABIES.

Nicole: O.O

Skylar: Do you remember that?

Nicole: First of all... That is sick.

Skylar: ... D: *Sadface*

Nicole: And second of all... Uh... *Trigger goes off to reveal some memories of How Skylar and her met*

Skylar: o.o do you remember something?

Nicole: O.O *nods and looks at Skylar*

Skylar: OMG YAY!

Nicole: *smiles BIG*

Skylar: What do you remember?!?!

Nicole: I... i remember how I met you! *HUGGLES*

Skylar: OMG YAYYYAYYYAYYAYYAY!!!! *huggle*



*Everyone SMILES*

Skylar: YAYYYYY. *has a semi-spaz attack* do you still think I am totally wierd? Or only slightly? XD

Nicole: Only slightly! C:

Skylar: YAY!! C:

Graverobber: *thinks: ...remembermedamnit....*feels unloved**

Nicole: *She wants to remember MORE since it makes her happy!* So... Dr. Wallace, is this permament? or no? Since I am still remembering SOME stuff?

Nathan: It's not permanant if you are remembering stuff.. it just can take a while for you to remember EVERYTHING.

Nicole: If only I can remember faster! I makes me happy!! C:

Skylar: hmmm.... read this... *gives her a printed out version of WCMI.*

Nicole: *reads with a smile on her face xD*

Skylar: ....Do you remember? ._.

Nicole: *holds up a finger*

Nicole: *Soon enough, gets done with the Spring dance chapter* o.o *smiles and closes the paper thing XD*

Skylar: ...doyourememeber?

Nicole: *Looks down at a picture of Reginald and Alice, and then looks up and NODS*

Skylar: YAY! *happeh dance*

Nicole: *HUGGLES SKYLAR, but still feels clueless about A LOT OF THINGS*
Skylar: need to watch Phantom Of The Opera...

Nicole: What?

Skylar: watch! *drags to TV and puts it on*

*epic movie plays. And Erik poofs in to watch XD*

Nicole: *watches it wide eyed like with Repo! xDD* *Sees Erik* o.o >.> Who are you?

Erik: I am the Phantom of the Opera.

Nicole: *looks back at screen, then to him* Omg! Your real?!

Erik: Yes.... We all are.

Nicole: *Chirstine comes on the screen* Ooh, she is pretty! And her singing!
Erik: *attempts to not drool over her XDDD*

*raoul comes on screen* Erik: >( *clenches fists XDD*

Nicole: *watches the All I Ask Of You Reprise* AW. Poor Phantom! *can't help but hug him... HE IS WARM TOO*

Erik: *smiles*


Nicole: *Eyes pop open and SHE REMEMBERS HIM. GASP* ERIK! *HUGGLES*


Nicole: I DOOOOO!

Erik: *huggles* (:

Graverobber: *death glare at Erik*

Nicole: And... I remember that Raoul is just a asshat


Nicole: O.O I DID!

Erik: *nods* I hate him.

Nathan: Whoa....You are remembering stuff! (:


Nicole: *Breaks hug and looks at nathan with a smiles* Yes! quiet quickly actually Is learning this quickly normal?

Nathan: Sometimes...depends on how bad it was.

Nicole: Then I guess that hit on the head wasn't that bad? (:

Nathan: Guess not...Thank god.

Nicole: *SMILES* Lets see... What else is there to rememember Skylar?!

Skylar: Hmm....*thinks of schtuffs* GENTERN. DANCE....and come up and try my new parts.... *looks at Graves*

Nicole: Excuse me? o.o

Graverobber :....NOT THE LAST ONE >< .... or the first one...

Nicole: Why not the first? and why not the last?

Skylar: .....*plays CUATMNP*

Graverobber:....thatswhy...*glares at Amber*

Nicole: o.o *listens to naughthy music XD*

Nicole: Oh. Wow. Amber you WHORE.


Nicole: O.O >.> ... Slut.

Amber: slunt.


Nicole: *starts singing with a smile* Whats the matter Graverobber? I can take it baby, i don't care where you put it, why don't ou suprise me *looks at Graves with a smile*

Graverobber:....I hate you.

Nicole: Well... that wasn't nice *glooks*

Graverobber: I'm kidding.

Nicole: *smirks, then completely ignores* I am remembering more and more stuff! C:


Nicole: This song is horriblely wrong... But I like it WOULD like it again.>.>

Nicole: Oh... And... GENtern Dance?

Skylar: OH! *puts We Started This Opera Shit on and does the dance*

Nicole: *bobs head with the music while she watches*

Skylar: ...Do you remember?

Nicole: A... a little... *watches some more...*

Nicole: *after the orgy* o.o *smiles, then Joins in the dance... a bit slow at first XD*

Skylar: OMGYAY!

Nicole: NATHAN! I am... Remembering more!

Nathan: (: GOOD.

Graverobber:*sad face is sad and sits in corner* Not. Enough. T_T *Emoface*

Nicole: Anything else Twinnie?! I am on a roll and I am HAPPY!

Skylar: Hmm...KURTTTT. *shows some episodes of Glee*

Nicole: 8D KURT! and... FINN! *wants to glomp the TV* And... WILL!

Skylar: YES! <3 You remember the Glee...

Nicole: *seriously wants to glomp the TV she thinks that all of them are ADORABLE and she is HAPPEH*

Nicole: *watches the Gaga Glee episode and when she watches the whole ''fag'' scene in it, she goes* WAIT. FINN. WHY? Why... Why must you be mean to KURT?

Nicole: *HUGS KURT* Kurt! I LUFF YOU

Nicole: And... *poofs up Finn* DON'T do that again. Okay? I am gladd you two made up! *hugs Finn now*



Kurt: *looks at Finn and smiles*

Finn: O.O

Nicole: WHAT?!

Skylar: happens in a different episode

Nicole: Uh... Oh.. wow... FINN?

Finn: *BLUSH* I have no comment for that...

Nicole: *hears Kurt sing* OMG KURT I LOVE YOUR SINGING *GLOMPS*

Graverobber: *JEALOUS.*

Nicole: And yours Finn! Hell.. I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS VOICES

Nicole: Is there any body else/thing I need to remember guys?

Graverobber: *thinks: yea. ME.*

Skylarose: Hmm.....Maor Terrance Zduinich yummehness. *showsth tutor*

Nicole: He's hot... just sayin..

Graverobber:....*emo in the corner. SO MUCH JEALOUSLY*

Nicole: OmgtheSMIRK

Graverobber:....*offically pissed off.*

Nicole: Any other things?! *LIKES THE HOTNESS*

Skylar: Hmm...OH! *shows some Inception clips* JOESEPH. GORDON. LEVITT....

Nicole: C: He is... ADORABLE. C: *Watchessss*

Graverobber:...*extremely jealous, gets up, grabs nicole, and quickly pecks Nicole's lips* Erm... *mentally kicks self*

Nicole: O.O ...

Everybody: *STARES*

Nicole: ... *Just FAINTS*

Skylar: ....THANKS GRAVES.

Graverobber: What? I... Uh... Hm...>.>

Skylar: *wakes her up, PRAYING hse still has her memory* INFERNAL. SPEAK TO ME. O.O

Nicole: Skylar?! WHAT... WHAT JUST HAPPENED. *Head HURTS because just... YEAH*

Skylar: .....HE. KISSED. YOU.

Nicole: WHO DID?!!! O.O

Skylar: *points to graves* HIM.

Nicole: O.O...

Graverobber: >.>

Skylarose: .....DO YOU STILL HAVE AMNESIA?! ._.

Nicole: I... DON'T KNOW RIGHT NOW. Youdidn'tkissme...


Nicole: O.O *Faints again*

Skylar: CRAP! *Wakes her up via watergun*

Nicole: GRAH! I'M UP. *Looks at Graverobber, wide eyes* BUT WHY?! *Heart is beating a mile a minute*


Nicole: Wait... Amnesia? *Thinks*

Skylar: ...yes.

Nicole: O: Notanymore!

Skylar : OMGYAY!!!

Nicole: : *And just STARES AT GRAVEROBBER*


Nicole: *Just... Just... Just... GLOMPS GRAVEROBBER*

Graverobber:....*doesn't know what to say*

Nicole: THISISALLSOCONFUSINGBUT.. Graverobber?! You really were jealous?!


Nicole: But... Why?!

Graverobber: remembered everyone but me.... and then SHE *glares at Skylar* announced that she no longer loves me as much as she used to. And i felt unloved T_T


Graverobber: ehhh >.>

Nicole: And... But... WHy.... Kiss... *TRUMATIZED.*

Graverobber:....I DONT KNOW. *facepalm*

Nicole: *TIGHThug is all she can do*

Graverobber: *doesn't know what to say*



Nicole: OMGjustshutuppppppp *DAZE*

Nicole: Well... I... I don't have amnesia anymore... Which is great... And you... Don't need to feel unloved again now!

Graverobber: Heh...(:

Nicole: And... o.o *looks up* YOU CURED IT.

Graverobber:... (:

Nicole: You. Made... Me faint... Which means... Hitting my head again... Which means... OMG YAY!


Nicole: But still...*DAZE*

Graverobber: ><

Nicole: Whats with the face? *looks up again*

Graverbber:...ifeelawkward. becauseikissedyouonthelips....><

Nicole: You should be happy, you got your little fangirl back! c:
Graverobber:...yep (:

Nicole: And, you cured my amnesia! And just... OMGIAMFIXED.ANDYOUKISSEDME.


Nicole: IwonderifNathanishappyaboutyoufixingme...

Nathan: Yes... Because now I am loved again.

Nicole: D'aww! *goes and hugs nathan TIGHT* I am glad too!
Nathan: <33 *hugsareniceXD*

Nicole: And... PAVI! *HUGS*

Pavi: C: My bella <333

Nicole: You are not as scary when I don't have amnesia!

Pavi: Yay! C:

Nicole: And... L-...LUIGI. I NEED A HUG. *slowly. and awkwardly HUGS HIM*

Luigi: Ugh... you are NOT permitted to touch ):<

Nicole: *Looks up* Well that the Luigi I know *snickers*

Luigi:...i mean it, get off NOW.

Nicole: OKAY. *Gets off*Nicole: And... SKYLARRRRRR! *HUGS*

Skylar: OMGYAY!!! *hugs*


Skylar: YESSS.

Nicole: YAY FOR NOT HAVING AMNESIA ANYMORE! *Woodys victory dance*

Skylar: YAY!!!!

Graverobber: Well.... *walks to Nicole* I think that kiss was enough to get me out of our bet....*Smirks*

Nicole: O.O What?! No, no. no. no.. no. no. noooo I said a song

Graverober:...crap D:

Nicole: but... That... *stares with a pointed finger* Shit. >.< FINE.

Graverobber: *happeh face and hugs*

Nicole: *Hugs!* IluffhugsthatareWARM


Nicole: FINE. Since the bet is off. The song I was thinking that you could use is Never Knew I Needed by Neyo. C:


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When Nicole Gets Amnesia.
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